successful teams begin with shared values.

A negative organizational culture is the reason up to 90% of individuals leave an organization - not higher pay. And bad leadership causes significant disengagement, harming to your bottom line.  At Sentient, our organizational development consultation starts with the end in mind: what level of productivity do you crave? What are the most important cultural values in your organization? What matters most?

We help teams identify current and potential challenges in workplace culture. We diagnose what isn't working, and prescribe workable and realistic solutions. We help you define the organization you want to be, build strategies to authentically engage employees and clients, and develop methods for managing the inevitability of change. We help build a bridge between mindset and the bottom line.

Emotionally-Intelligent Organizational Strategy

  • resilient leadership

  • values-based leadership

  • emotional intelligence, including:

    • difficult conversations

    • conflict resolution

    • building comfort with change

  • public speaking and presentation skills

  • generational differences in the workplace

  • communicating for success

  • minimizing implicit bias | the neurology of bias

  • trauma-informed human resources

And because one size doesn't fit all...


We employ a variety of leadership methodologies, curricula, and testing instruments based on the needs of your organization and the learning desired. Our certifications, background, and expertise includes:


  • Strengths-Finder 2.0

  • EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360 (Emotional Intelligence)

  • DiSC Assessment

  • Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI)

  • Korn Ferry

  • Situational Leadership®

  • Coro Leadership Methodology

  • Whole Leader™ (Sentient's exclusive leadership methodology)

What is the Whole Leader Method?

Whole Leader™ is a philosophical framework and curriculum based on the belief that for individuals to be authentic, trusted, and productive leaders - in a changing professional world with 24-hour access to technology - it is exhausting and counter-productive to maintain discrepancy between who we are in the workplace, in our homes, and in our communities. We provide exercises and workshops to challenge leaders to think holistically about their approach to problem-solving and relationship-building in the workplace. By developing our ability to think, feel, and behave more effectively as an individual, we become better leaders.  


Sentient training, coaching and consulting services challenge individuals to develop their whole selves as a means to achieving high leadership and performance potential. We focus on critical thinking, ethical problem-solving, emotional intelligence and socially-responsible strategies that enable individuals to lead more authentic lives. Because living more authentically leads to better performance - and a better bottom line.


​Whole Leader™ is an exclusive curriculum and consulting platform developed and copyrighted by Sentient Strategy.

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