Just 10% of 5,700 chief executive officers and
chief financial officers are women. This needs to change.

And we're changemakers. 


In partnership with exceptional coaches and partners dedicated to the success of female leaders, Sentient is pleased to provide Women's Growth Groups. This Initiative provides training and affordable coaching to women seeking to excel in their careers. To discuss a tailored program for your organization, please contact us.


A Growth Group is a small cohort (no more than 9 members) that meets for 3 hours monthly for 9-months. Growth Group participants also receive one-on-one monthly coaching sessions with a career coach (additional sessions may be purchased separately). We know this is a hefty commitment and we think you're worth it!

Sentient Strategy Growth Groups focus on developing whole leaders: individuals able to perform their best in all areas of their lives. Growth Group participants receive:

  • Monthly one-on-one Coaching

  • Leadership Resources

  • Access to area Leaders

  • Connections with a Cohort of Local Professionals 

  • Tools for Problem-solving for real-time, real-life professional issues

  • Learning Resources

Using the wisdom of the group, proprietary software provided by BGI (formerly Brazen Global), and the help of a facilitator, participants are challenged to optimize their career potential, overcome personal barriers, and manage work challenges successfully. 

Growth Groups currently meet in person in the St. Louis, MO region, with future plans for virtual groups.

Individuals are welcome to apply independently or through their companies. Contact us about pricing and scholarship opportunities!

Can't commit to a Growth Group? That's OK...we have you covered.


Affordable Individual Coaching | Group/Team Coaching

Individual and team coaching sessions are available to women seeking to advance their professional prowess. Sessions are provided by phone or Skype, with a small number of in-person sessions available in the St. Louis and Denver areas. Sessions are available independent of growth groups or as add-ons to a growth group experience. Individual sessions are priced on a sliding scale.

Per 1-hour session:

  • Sentient Strategy Executive Coaching:  $125

  • Women's Coaching Initiative discount, early career women (under 32 years of age): $75

  • Women Leadership Initiative discount, Nonprofit: $50 (for employees of nonprofit organizations with annual budgets of $2M or less and individuals with demonstrated exceptional need)

Team or group coaching (to mitigate problems or help develop optimal team communications): $25/person for 2-hour session

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